Why Should I Replace an AC That Isn't Broken?

Why should I replace an AC that isn’t broken? This is very fair question that we are often asked by our customers. After all, your AC system is the largest investment you will make into your home. So, replacing it before it breaks down sounds like insanity, until you understand that doing so can actually SAVE money! How is this possible? Let’s break this down.

You're Already Paying Someone For a New AC!

Ok, this is a bold statement but let’s break this down. Say you have an older unit with 3-4 more years of life left in it. Older units like this cost about $300 more to operate than newer units. This additional cost is due to the loss of efficiency which leads to higher electrical demands. So, over that 3 year stretch, the utility company is getting an extra $900. And, within that same 3 years, there is a strong possibility that your older unit is going to need some kind of repair. A repair to an older unit costs somewhere around $500. So between the higher electric bills and repair costs, you will spend an extra $1400 on your older unit. 

Inflation Keeps Going Up

Another thing to bear in mind when considering a new AC is inflation. Over the next three years, it is a safe bet that a new unit will cost more. Conservatively, a new unit will only cost another $500. So, between maintenance, higher energy bills and inflation, your older unit is now costing an extra $1900 just by waiting another three years to replace it! If you ask us, it makes more sense to invest that money in a new unit now that to let it leak out on an old, inefficient system. Plus, with the financing packages we offer, we can work with any situation.

Why Should I Replace an AC That Isn't Broken? It just makes financial sense.

Hopefully this breakdown makes sense. Why lose $1900 between inflation, energy bills and maintenance on an old unit? If you ask us, that same money can and should go to paying off a newer, more efficient unit now. We can install just about any kind of unit, but we are particularly fond of Lennox units!

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