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Whether you own an older home or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of ductwork installation and maintenance, Brooks Heating & Air has the answer for you. With our mini split installation services in Manassas, you can have the cooling you need in the rooms that need it the most without dealing with any ductwork.

With a ductless air conditioner, you can focus your cooling power on specific areas which are referred to as “zones” anywhere throughout your home. This is the perfect solution for anyone who needs additional cooling in specific areas such as bedrooms, basements, offices, and workshops. The Brooks Heating & Air HVAC team specializes in quality cooling and heating services and installations so that you can beat the summer heat.

Are you interested in learning more about our professional mini split installation services in Manassas, VA? Contact our mini split experts at (703)463-3333 or online so that we can help you get the cooling you and your home need fast!

What Is A Mini Split Air Conditioner?

With a mini split air conditioner, you get the benefits of cool air without the hassle and headache of ductwork. These mini split units allow you to select which rooms you want your cooling power to be in, making it versatile and easy when it comes to keeping cool in the summer. With two main systems that are connected electronically, the outdoor compressor/condenser and the inside air handling unit work in sync to keep your room cool.

Brooks Heating & Air Mini Split Installation Team

We believe that with the right team, tools, experience, and training, we can deliver the highest quality mini split installation services throughout Manassas, VA. When it comes to HVAC services, our professional and qualified technicians have what it takes to get you the perfect mini split AC installation that works best for you and your home.

Benefits of A Ductless Air Conditioner

Having a ductless air conditioning unit such as a Mitsubishi AC unit can keep you cool all summer long while providing you with a variety of benefits. Not every household is the same, and we understand that some may require additional cooling or services to keep the temperature comfortable.

Some of the benefits of using a ductless air conditioner vs a traditional central air conditioner include things such as:

  • Doesn’t require ductwork
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Can be directed to specific rooms
  • Easy to maintain
  • Various styles and types to fit your home
  • Reliable cooling

Mini Split Installation Services

Combining our passion for exceptional service with our training and experience we deliver quality mini-split installations throughout Manassas. No matter how old, large, or small; your home is, we have the right Mitsubishi AC units to help get you the best mini split AC system that you need and want.

All of our installations are performed by certified HVAC technicians who have the know-how to get the job done right. With our installation services, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best service and the cooling air you rely on fast.

If a mini split AC installation sounds right for you and your home’s cooling needs, give us a call today at (703)463-3333 to schedule your professional mini split installation with one of our qualified HVAC technicians.

Direct Your Cooling With Mitsubishi AC Units

When it comes to the best mini split for your home, the Mitsubishi AC units provide you with a variety of benefits. These AC units are great for cooling specific zones throughout your entire home and can be easily installed and maintained in both new and older houses. This makes them the perfect solution for those who want a cooling system that is both flexible and reliable year-round.

Some of the benefits that you and your home will receive with a Mitsubishi AC unit include things such as:

  • Even temperature distribution
  • Heating & cooling all in one
  • Mini split systems are eco-friendly
  • Customized zone design for optimal cooling
  • Flexible designs that work in both newer and older homes

Call In The Experts For Your Mini Split Installation in Manassas, VA

Everything from new to old, and large to small can benefit from the convenience, reliability, and easy installation of a mini split AC system. Whether you need a little more cooling than what you currently have, or you want area-specific cooling, our mini split installation services around Manassas can help. With a team of professional HVAC technicians, Brooks Heating & Air can help cool your home year-round with top-notch Mitsubishi minis split AC systems that are ideal for putting the power in your hands when it comes to your home’s cooling needs.

So when you need a little extra cooling or don’t want the hassle of ductwork, give Brooks Heating & Air a call at (703)463-3333. We’ll help get you the perfect mini split installation in Manassas, VA you need to enjoy a cool and comfortable home year-round.

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