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There is a lot that goes into keeping your home comfortable all year long. You need your heater working well in the winter when the snow is falling and the ground is frozen. During the summer, you need an air conditioner that will cool every room in the house and get rid of excess moisture in the air. You also need clean air that is free from dust, allergens, and odors. Everything needs to work together reliably without costing you a fortune every month in energy costs. 

At Brooks Heating & Air, we check all of the boxes with our residential HVAC services in Manassas, VA. We know how tricky it can be to keep your home comfortable, so we are excited to step in and do our part. 

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Have you ever wished there was someone that you trusted as much as a family member who could take care of everything from your ductwork to your HVAC system? We have worked hard to be the friendly, honest, and comprehensive company that we would want for our own systems. We have HVAC services in Manassas for every need, including: 

  • AC Installation & Repair: We will care of your unit with our AC installation & repair services. You’ll always know when it’s time to replace your unit because we’ll give you honest advice, every time.
  • Furnace Installation & Repair: Your furnace needs regular service to keep warming your home. We have electric and gas furnace installation & repair in Manassas, VA. 
  • Heat Pump Installation & Repair: A heat pump is a great, energy efficient way to heat and cool your home. With our heat pump installation & repair services, you can have a comfortable home without the energy costs.
  • Indoor Air Quality: If you have asthma and allergies while inside your home, you can look into our air quality services. We offer duct cleaning and air purification for healthier air in the home.


It can be a sinking feeling when you wake up and realize that your heater or AC isn’t working anymore. If you have done everything you can think of and your system still isn’t turning back on, it may be time for an HVAC repair. With us, it’s easy to get your system running again. Scheduling appointments is a breeze. You can choose an appointment time on our website or give us a call. Then we’ll take a look at your HVAC, find the problem, and let you know what we think the next steps should be. We have upfront costs, so you’ll know the price before we start any of our residential HVAC services.


If your HVAC system breaks down in the middle of the night, that isn’t a problem for us. We are open 24/7/365, so we can take care of you even if it’s at midnight on a holiday. Keeping your home safe and comfortable is what we work for every day with our emergency HVAC services.

Need to schedule an appointment for HVAC services? Give us a call today at (703) 936-6283. We are standing by to take your call.


Saying “yes” to an HVAC installation might be the biggest decision you have made since buying your house. We’re always aware of that at Brooks Heating & Air, so we spend all of the time that’s needed to help you choose a new system and to go over any worries that you may have. Then we’ll arrive on time, protect your home with plastic, install the new system, and make sure you are happy with it before heading on our way.


Twice a year, you should give your HVAC system a check-up and a cleaning to keep your unit running at peak efficiency. We recommend scheduling seasonal HVAC tune ups–one for your furnace in the fall, and one for your AC in the spring. You’ll be amazed at how much better your system works when you take care of it.


We make HVAC maintenance accessible for everyone with our Comfort Club Program. For $14.99 a month, we’ll give you one free service every year and a yearly tune-up for your AC and furnace systems. With our HVAC maintenance services in Manassas, we will never leave you hanging after we repair or install your system. We’ll always be here to keep your system maintained.


While your body (specifically your lungs) is designed to filter out contaminants, sometimes it needs a little help. With our air purification services, you can leave the hard work to UV technology. Our systems take harmful pollutants in the air and break them down. You can also turn to us for duct cleaning services. Clogged ducts can decrease the effectiveness of your HVAC system and put contaminants back into the air.


If you are looking for HVAC services in Manassas that you can rely on every time, get in touch with Brooks Heating & Air. We serve Manassas, VA and the surrounding areas, and we look forward to providing all of our customers with top-notch services. Count on our professionals to keep your comfort in tune. 

For more information on our HVAC services in Manassas, VA, or to schedule service with one of our skilled technicians, contact us online or give us a call at (703) 936-6283.

Is It Time For A Furnace Replacement?

Manassas VA Heating Installation

At Brooks heating and air, we believe in giving honest assessments of the condition of your heating equipment. In a lot of cases we can do a repair, but there are times when a replacement is warranted. We’ll recommend a replacement if:

  • Your furnace is old. Furnaces usually last for 15 to 20 years. Your furnace may be breaking down, and you may need a replacement soon. Additionally, just like any machine, your furnace will lose efficiency over time. And with a loss of efficiency comes a rise in your energy bills: it will take more and more gas or electricity to produce the same amount of heat for an older unit. The money that is going to the energy bill could be going to pay for a new unit.
  • You have to repair your furnace frequently. Let’s be honest: nobody likes scheduling a repair call. We hold ourselves to a high professional standard as far as service calls go, and we will respect your home better than we do our own. However, the cost of time is often higher than the financial impact of a repair. It can be a massive inconvenience to get off work, make other arrangements for family or worse, cancel important events to have a repair done.
  • Your furnace is producing inconsistent heat, unusual sounds or soot. These are all signs that the furnace is on its way out.

If you’re dealing with these problems, we’re prepared to help you right away. We’ll perform timely installation and replacement.

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