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Equipping your home with a high-quality heating or cooling system is vital to your safety and comfort, but it requires a considerable financial investment. Between the cost of the unit itself and the price of installation or replacement, you’re looking at a major expense, no matter how you slice it.

For more information on our HVAC financing options, contact us online or give us a call at (703) 463-3333. We’ll help you select the best financing option for your individual needs.

At Brooks Heating & Air, we never want finances to get in the way of our customers getting the best possible HVAC system for their home. That’s why we offer HVAC financing solutions through GreenSky that will allow you to pay for your home heating and cooling services on the terms that you choose. Avoid upfront costs by creating a plan to break your payments into easy installments over 12, 36, or 120 months.

The best part about most of our HVAC financing plans is that you can avoid paying an APR, provided you have paid off the balance prior to the end of the financing period you’ve selected. Your HVAC system doesn’t have to cost much more than it would if you paid upfront, and you won’t have to come up with the full amount right away.  

Our HVAC Financing Options

If you’d like to finance a heating or cooling system for your home from Brooks Heating & Air, GreenSky Financing offers several payment options. These options give you the opportunity to make low, monthly payments based on various schedules that work best for you. 

  • 6 months, no interest if paid in full
  • 12 months, no interest if paid in full
  • 84 months, reduced APR of 9.99%
  • 84 Months, reduced APR of 10.99%

When your home’s heating or cooling system suddenly dies, and you simply don’t have the cash to make a repair or replacement happen, don’t panic. These HVAC financing options make an emergency HVAC system replacement easier to work into your budget.

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The Benefits of HVAC Financing with GreenSky

We’re proud to offer our HVAC financing options from GreenSky. They make the entire process of financing a heating or cooling system for your home as easy and affordable as possible. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll be able to enjoy when you decide to finance through GreenSky:

  • Simple application process
  • Fast credit decisions
  • 0% financing
  • Easy online payments

GreenSky is a popular HVAC financing option, and for good reason. They make your life easier without saddling you with high-interest payments. That’s why we’ve partnered with them to offer financing. We want to do what it takes to help you stay comfortable in your home, no matter what the weather might be like outside.

Keeping Your HVAC Costs Low

Once you’ve set up your HVAC financing plan with us and your home’s new heating or cooling system has been installed, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you keep your costs manageable while you pay the HVAC system off.

You’re going to want to have your heating and cooling system regularly maintained by an HVAC professional so that it stays running effectively and efficiently. Regular maintenance can keep your energy bills down, help you avoid costly repairs down the road, and extend the overall lifespan of the unit. Call in an HVAC professional from Brooks Heating & Cooling once a year for maintenance. It’s all you need to save a lot of money and avoid a lot of headaches.

Interested in HVAC Financing?

If you want to know more about our HVAC financing options, give Brooks Heating & Cooling a call today. We’d love to help you choose a plan that fits your needs.

For more information on our financing options, contact us online or give us a call at (703) 463-3333. Our friendly staff is standing by to assist you.

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