AC Maintenance: How Hard Start Kits Can Save Thousands

Air conditioning systems are an integral part of comfortable living, especially during the sweltering summers of Manassas, VA. Unfortunately, they are also notorious for unexpected breakdowns, often leading homeowners to believe that an expensive replacement is their only recourse. However, at Brooks Heating and Air, we offer a cost-effective solution that could save you thousands: the hard start kit.


A Jump Start For Your Compressor

Every AC system has a compressor – its heart. When this heart faces difficulties in starting up, your AC struggles to function. The hard start kit provides the answer to this issue.

Before we delve into this wonder-solution, let’s understand the fundamentals. Every AC system has a compressor – its heart. When this heart faces difficulties in starting up, your AC struggles to function. This hard start problem is a common reason many homeowners are told they need a new AC unit.

Enter the hard start kit. This small yet potent device gives your AC compressor the kickstart it needs to get going, potentially adding years to its lifespan. The hard start kit works by increasing the unit’s startup torque by up to 500%, helping the compressor to start quickly and efficiently. This rapid start reduces wear on the compressor, ensuring a longer life for your AC unit.

A Small Solution to Save Thousands of Dollars

The Hard Start Kit is a Small Solution That Can Save Thousands of Dollars

To illustrate the power of a hard start kit, let’s take a recent example from our very own clientele at Brooks Heating and Air.

A Manassas resident approached us after being advised to replace their entire AC unit. This would have cost them thousands of dollars. Seeking a second opinion, they came to us. We found their AC compressor was struggling to start – a classic hard start problem. Instead of suggesting an expensive replacement, we recommended installing a hard start kit. The result was phenomenal. Not only did the AC unit start working efficiently, but we also managed to save the customer from a costly unit replacement.

We See The Hard Start Kit Save AC Units All The Time

We see the hard start kit save AC units all the time

This is not an isolated incident. Many homeowners are unaware that a hard start kit could potentially save their AC units from being replaced, rescuing them from a financial burden. As professionals in residential HVAC services, our goal at Brooks Heating and Air is to provide the most effective and economical solutions to our customers.

AC maintenance is not just about fixing a problem; it’s about preempting it. Regular maintenance checks allow us to identify potential hard start issues before they escalate, saving homeowners from unexpected breakdowns and the associated stress. Incorporating a hard start kit into your AC system during a routine maintenance check, like those we do for our comfort club members, could save you from a significant future expense.

In conclusion, a hard start kit can be the difference between an expensive AC unit replacement and a cost-effective repair. At Brooks Heating and Air, we strive to provide solutions that save you money without compromising on comfort. So before you decide to replace your AC unit, consider a hard start kit. It might just save you thousands.

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