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Summer’s warmth is upon us, and though today isn’t scorching, the heat is still making its presence known. 😂 As someone deeply entrenched in the HVAC world, I’m eager to pass along some wisdom to help you navigate those intensely hot days with a bit more ease, and to shed light on the realities of what your air conditioner is truly capable of.

First off, let’s set some expectations. For those of us in Virginia, a well-designed air conditioning system aims to keep indoor temperatures at a comfortable 75 degrees on a day when the mercury hits 95. Surprised? It’s true! So, when temperatures soar to 100 degrees or beyond, your AC is essentially in overdrive, doing its utmost to cool your space.

This design strategy might seem counterintuitive at first, but it’s all about balance. Air conditioners are calibrated to manage both temperature and humidity effectively for the majority of the summer, specifically during the 80-90 degree days which constitute about 80% of the season. This is crucial because the primary goal of an AC isn’t just to cool; it’s to reduce humidity to comfortable levels and prevent the growth of mold. And beware, an oversized unit can lead to a whole host of issues far worse than a slightly warm interior.

It boils down to the 80/20 rule: your AC is designed to excel during 80% of summer conditions, but may have to work harder during the remaining 20%.

So, how can you assist your AC in keeping your home cool and comfortable during those peak heat days? Stay tuned for practical tips to maximize your home’s coolness without overtaxing your air conditioning system.

Tip 1: Change Your Air Filters

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In the midst of summer’s sizzle, here’s a simple truth that’s easy to overlook: A clean filter is a happy filter. And, as it turns out, it’s not just about cleanliness—it’s about keeping your cool, quite literally. Believe it or not, neglecting this simple swap has landed at the number two spot on our list of service call reasons this season.

Changing your air filter regularly isn’t just a chore; it’s a crucial step in ensuring your air conditioning system runs efficiently, effectively, and economically. So, before you dial for help, check that filter. It might just be the hero you need to beat the heat without breaking a sweat—or the bank.

Tip 2: Keep The Curtains Closed


As we welcome warmer days, keeping our homes comfortable becomes a priority. A simple yet effective strategy is to pull down the shades on all your windows early in the day and keep them closed, minimizing solar gain. This straightforward action can significantly reduce the heat entering your home, allowing your air conditioning system to work more efficiently and maintain a cooler indoor environment without overexertion.

Remember, small steps can lead to big savings, both in terms of energy consumption and utility bills. So, as we gear up for the sunny season, let’s not underestimate the power of the shade in keeping our homes pleasantly cool.

Tip 3: Set it and forget it!

Smart thermostats are easy to use. You can set schedules, control them with voice commands, and even set a special mode for when you're on vacation

Unlock the power of “set it and forget it” with your HVAC system. It’s all about finding your comfort zone, setting your desired temperature, and then, simply letting your system work its magic. Remember, your air conditioner is designed to work efficiently within its capabilities, so constant adjustments aren’t just unnecessary—they might not be as effective as you think.

Especially during the night, resist the urge to switch off your system. Instead, focus on optimizing for the majority of the time when temperatures are more manageable. This approach not only ensures your home remains a comfortable sanctuary but also contributes to energy savings in the long run.

For those looking to elevate their home’s HVAC efficiency, we proudly recommend and install Ecobee programmable thermostats. These smart devices empower you to maintain optimal comfort effortlessly, ensuring your home is just right, just when you need it. Let the thermostat do the heavy lifting—your home (and wallet) will thank you!

Tip 4: Clean Your Outdoor Unit

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Keeping your outdoor unit clean isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s essential for your HVAC system’s efficiency. Dirt and debris accumulating on the coil can significantly hinder your unit’s ability to regulate your home’s temperature effectively. So, give your outdoor unit the attention it deserves; either give it a thorough cleaning yourself or have a professional ensure it’s in top condition. A simple hose down can do wonders, but a comprehensive clean guarantees your system operates at its peak. Remember, a clean unit is a happy, efficient unit!

Tip 5: Replace Your Unit With A More Powerful One

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Dreaming of a cooler, more comfortable home even on those scorching 100-degree days? It’s possible! Thanks to advancements in air conditioner compressor technology, there are units designed to go above and beyond. These modern marvels are capable of maintaining lower temperatures more efficiently than older models, ensuring your home stays cool when the heat is relentless.

We’re particularly impressed with the latest Lennox units, which are engineered to offer that extra cooling power without compromising on efficiency. With the capability to operate optimally for 80% of the time and still have the reserve to tackle extreme heat, these units are a game-changer.

If you’re tired of battling high indoor temperatures during heatwaves, we have the solution you’ve been searching for. Let’s make uncomfortable, sweltering days a thing of the past.

Stay cool and comfortable, no matter the weather outside!

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