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When you think of heating and cooling for your home, you probably picture a traditional outdoor AC unit and an indoor furnace that helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature. While this is the most common way that residents of Manassas, Virginia use for heating and cooling their homes, there is another option available. Geothermal heating & cooling is capable of both heating and cooling your home, by using energy from the earth.

Geothermal heating & cooling has been gaining traction and popularity over recent years due to its energy-efficient and convenient ability to heat and cool. Brooks Heating & Air technicians stay up to date with the latest in industry-leading technology and practices when it comes to geothermal energy. This gives them the ability and knowledge to be able to help get your home up and running with new geothermal installation options.

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What is Geothermal Energy?

With geothermal energy, you can harness the consistent temperature that is found right under your feet. A geothermal system uses a series of pipes that are placed underground and filled with a temperature conducting fluid that transfers heat to and from the earth itself. This kind of heating and cooling system doesn’t require large, bulky units and can help you maintain a clean curb appeal for your property.

Brooks Heating & Air understands that your home’s comfort matters, and that the indoor temperature is one of the most important aspects of keeping your home cozy. We work with our customers in Manassas, VA to ensure that we meet or beat their cooling and heating needs and expectations. This applies to geothermal heating, and geothermal cooling as well. Not all locations are suited for this type of system. Our skilled technicians can help you decide what route is best taken to get you the heating and cooling system that’s right for your home. 

Pros and Cons of Geothermal Energy

Just like with every system and appliance within your house, geothermal systems come with some pros and cons. Before deciding whether a geothermal system is right for you and your home, it’s important to understand the benefits as well as downsides to geothermal heating & cooling. As technology advances and more efficient systems become available, geothermal systems continue to evolve and improve. The current list of some pros and cons of geothermal installation include:

Geothermal Energy Advantages:

  • Low operating costs
  • No large outdoor equipment needed
  • May work to heat your water tank as well as your home
  • Runs silently inside your home

Geothermal Energy Disadvantages:

  • Requires supplemental heating units on especially cold days
  • Limited service options
  • Very site-dependent and not available in all locations
  • Installation times can be longer than traditional heating and cooling systems

The geothermal installation experts at Brooks Heating & Air can help you make an informed decision when it comes to geothermal energy and geothermal systems. Our team will happily review the pros and cons of a geothermal system before you make any final decision. We’re here to make sure you get only the best when it comes to your heating and cooling needs in Manassas.

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Geothermal System

If you decide that geothermal installation is right for your home, Brooks Heating & Air has got you covered! We’ll inspect your home’s location and current heating and cooling systems to help you get the best geothermal system available. If a geothermal installation isn’t possible at your location, we’ll discuss with you what other heating and cooling options are available to keep you comfortable year-round.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

With geothermal heating & cooling, you’ll hardly even notice when your unit is running. The typical geothermal heat pump and geothermal air conditioning unit produce about as much noise as a standard refrigerator when running. This helps make your home that much more pleasant and comfortable for you and your family to enjoy.

Trusted Geothermal Services in Manassas

The certified and highly trained team at Brooks Heating & Air is here to keep your comfort in tune. If for any reason, a geothermal heating & cooling system isn’t right for your home, we’ll happily help get you set up with a system that meets your needs.

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