Air Purification

Air purification is a hot topic these days. More people are working at home and breathing indoor air than ever before. The EPA states that indoor air is often five times more polluted than outdoor air. But how is this pollution categorized? Indoor air pollution is divided into three types: particulates, chemical, and biological. Air filters only catch particulates. That leaves the other two categories untreated.

So what about chemical and biological contaminants? Biological contaminants include mold, bacteria and viruses. Chemical contaminants, called VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), cause odors and are potentially topic. Therefore, we need a better air treatment system for our homes and offices. For the best indoor air quality, Brooks Heating and air trusts APCO-X air treatment systems.

apco air purification

Air Purification: How does it Work?

apco-x air purification unit

An APCO-X air treatment system works continuously in the central air system where it purifies all the air in the home or office. As the air is circulated, contaminants are treated by the APCO-X system. The APCO-X system contains lifetime ever carbon cells which trap odors and VOCs when energized by VOC light. What remains is harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide which are released back into the air. Mold, bacteria and viruses are sterilized by the UV light which destroys their DNA, preventing them from reproducing. The ever carbon cells are self-cleaning, and the system is virtually maintenance free. The UV light also keeps the coil and drain pain disinfected. The APCO-X system is safe, effective and produces no ozone. 

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