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Unless you have a job that keeps you outdoors during the day, you likely spend most of your time inside. The percentage of time spent indoors for most people is around 90%. This could be bad news if the indoor air quality inside is poor. You may not have control over every indoor space that you have to spend time in, such as your workplace, but at Brooks Heating & Air, we can help you with the indoor air quality of your home.

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On high pollution days, you may retreat inside to breathe clean air. But did you know that some indoor spaces can be many times worse than the air outside? You may not even think about what may be causing the need for an air purification system in your home. But every time you cook, you are putting pollutants into the air. Pet dander, dust, and germs can also get into your air. Many other seemingly innocent products can also be contributing to bad indoor air quality, such as cleaning products, personal care products such as hair sprays and lotions, and even the insulation and carpet of your home. 

Many of these things are necessities that we can’t go without. That is why it’s important to think about air purifier services that can help to keep air contaminants at bay while you go about your daily life. Our air purification services will take into account all of the individual situations you may have in your home.


You can look to yourself and your family for many of the signs of poor indoor air quality. You may start to notice that any time you are inside, you begin coughing, sneezing, or even have difficulty breathing. Your sleep may start to suffer when you need to improve indoor air quality, and you may get headaches or nausea. 

Without home air purifiers, you might start to see dust buildup on the surfaces of your home that you can’t keep up with. There may be an unpleasant dusty or musty odor that might be from mold or too much dust in the home, and your HVAC system might start to work less efficiently. If you notice any of these signs, you can call Brooks Heating & Air to see if you need air purifier services in your home.

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If you are interested in air purification in Manassas, you may be curious about how home air purification systems work. It depends on the type of system that you invest in. If you have a whole-home air purification system that is connected directly to your HVAC system, it will rely on photocatalytic oxidation. This type of air purification system takes the contaminants and converts them into benign things such as water vapor or carbon dioxide. UV light and special filters combine to make the process happen. 


There are many benefits of air purification, and if you’ve ever had to suffer from poor indoor air quality, you’ll know what many of them are. These systems can greatly reduce your discomfort if you suffer from asthma or allergies. They can also reduce the chance of catching airborne illnesses, even if other people in your home are sick. Home air purifiers can quickly get rid of bad odors in your house. If you cook, paint, or use any chemicals, the smell and the harmful particles that go along with it will be gone in a few hours. A whole-home air purification system can even protect you from your own home. Lots of things from the paint in your house to the glue that keeps your cabinets together contain chemicals. Our home air purifiers can filter it about before it reaches your lungs. 


There are many types of air purification systems. Many people choose to use small standalone systems to improve indoor air quality. While these are certainly better than nothing, they only work in one room at a time. You will have to purchase many of them to get the same results. At Brooks Heating & Air, we use a UV light system called the APCO-X to safely get rid of the contaminants that can be found in many homes in Manassas, VA. They’re easy to maintain and effective in every room. We can also improve the air in your home through our air duct cleaning services.


Whether you are looking to get rid of dust and debris through air duct cleaning, or you want to install a new air purification system, Brooks Heating & Air can take care of the problem with professional air purification services in the Manassas, VA area. Just give us a call, and we can walk you through the options, so you can decide what’s best for your home. 

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Air Purification: How does it Work?


An APCO-X air treatment system works continuously in the central air system where it purifies all the air in the home or office. As the air is circulated, contaminants are treated by the APCO-X system. The APCO-X system contains lifetime ever carbon cells which trap odors and VOCs when energized by VOC light. What remains is harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide which are released back into the air. Mold, bacteria and viruses are sterilized by the UV light which destroys their DNA, preventing them from reproducing. The ever carbon cells are self-cleaning, and the system is virtually maintenance free. The UV light also keeps the coil and drain pain disinfected. The APCO-X system is safe, effective and produces no ozone. 

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